Quick Tips for crafting effective E-Learning and M-Learning presentations


The Goal.  The desired goal of your e-Learning presentation is for the learner to remember what they’ve been taught, so they can later apply the knowledge and improve their performance.

The Script.  You want your script to SOUND natural and conversational; so, write it that way!  When possible, use smaller words, less complex phrases, contractions and end sentences in prepositions.  Do YOU use expressions like ‘do not’, ‘will not’ or ‘should not’ in everyday conversation? 

After your script is written, read it aloud several times.  If you do this, you’ll recognize unnecessary words and you can cut them out before recording.

Do you have too many words for the desired length of your e-Learning video?  Or not enough?  Here’s a handy guide to find out.  http://www.speechinminutes.com/

The script should never have the narrator reading verbatim the words that appear on the screen.  It’s annoying to the learner.

The Narrator.  Choose a narrator with the ability to believably interpret your words and deliver them as if they were their own.  Avoid learner tune-out, by choosing a voice that can be listened to for extended periods.

Jim’s e-Learning narrations are typically described as ‘informative without sounding intimidating.’